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Bob Minchella

Bob has been involved with dog obedience and competition for over 30 years, and has been a professional dog trainer since 1986. He has trained in the United States, Canada and Germany with world renowned trainers and behaviorists. He also brings to the table nearly two decades of service at the Humane Society of Rochester, training over 20,000 dogs and working with countless families. In addition to participating in dog obedience competitions across the country, Bob has trained dogs to assist handicapped individuals and has conducted seminars throughout the Northeast. He is also a veteran of the rescue efforts at the Lamar Dixon Emergency Animal Shelter in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Bob dedicates his efforts towards solving problem behavior in dogs of all breeds and ages. He recognizes that each dog comes with its own temperament and personality and so do the dog owners. Bob feels that there is no way to train any given dog/handler team. With an intelligent blend of pure positive/operant conditioning and proper application of inhibition, Bob's approach, "Is the most down to earth, sensible, and kindest that I have ever experienced." says long time dog owner and client Jan Teigen.

Nationally-recognized by leading behaviorists and trainers across the country, Bob brings his high-caliber methods to the local Rochester area. Brian Kilcommons, co-author of eight books and consultant to Comcast Pets On Demand, says "Bob is one of the most talented dog trainers I have the pleasure of knowing. His caring, knowledge and expertise has benefited thousands of dogs and people on a daily basis. I have the utmost respect for his efforts, commitment and knowledge achieving a better understanding with people and their canine companions. Bob is the real deal." Most recently, Bob's behavior instruction inspired nationally-sought-after leadership consultants Sherri McArdle and Jim Ramerman to develop the book, Why Dogs Wag Their Tails: Lessons Leaders Can Learn About Work, Joy, and Life. McArdle writes in the book, "[he] showed me how to become the leader Scout needed me to be."

Bob takes pride in working with people and their pets, solving behavior issues and preserving the bond between people and their pets.

Sporting Accomplishments

In the sport of Schutzhund, Bob has titled 2 different dogs to 6 titles (1 in Sch I, 2 in Sch II, and 3 in Sch III). One Sch III title earned a high score of 292 and received a "V" rating, excellent in the sport. Both dogs received a "Pronounced in Courage" distinction.

Trial Details:

Niagara District Association (Schutzhund I)

Greater Northeastern Schutzhund Club (Schutzhund II)

Schutzhund Club of Buffalo (Schutzhund I)

Schutzhund Club of Buffalo (Schutzhund II)

Schutzhund Club of Buffalo (Schutzhund III)

Southern NY Schutzhund Club (Schutzhund III)